Application Experience:

RPC has provided systems and support for the following applications:
  • In line Product & Assembly Inspection:
     - Assembly Verification for Medical Devices
          (including high-res line scan)
     - Mechanical Part Inspection
     - Electronic Component Inspection
     - Process Control Studies
  • Off line Inspection / Gauging Systems:
     - Parts in Single / Multi Camera Applications
     - Gauging of Repeating Patterns using Motion for
        Small FOVs

     - Optical Coordinate Measurement Systems
          (including motion control)
     - Electronic Component Position Part Placement  Verification
  • Vision Guided Motion Control:
     - Laser Welding, Cutting, and  Marking Systems
     - Robotic Part Placement (Electronic and Mechanical)
  • Laboratory Automation & Scientific Imaging:
    - Particle Counting
    - Densitometer
    - Image Analysis

RPC specializes in vision and motion integration and has provided this for many of the above projects.