RPC Machine Vision Systems is a Value Added Reseller of the Microscan (formally Siemens, Acuity Imaging, and Automatix Inc.) Powervision, Visionscape and Datamatrix Hawkeye machine vision systems. We are the Image Analyst, Rail, and Visionscape experts and can provide for all of your custom RAIL (MacRail) and Visual Basic software needs.

RPC specializes in performing Powervision and Autovision support and upgrades. This includes current system modifications and complete system replacements with current generation hardware and software.


The new generation of Powervision systems as shown here, are based on the industry standard UNIX OSX operating system. The new system provides the following advantages:
  • The Powervision system utilizes advanced digital Firewire cameras for better imaging then could be achieved by the previous analog cameras.
  • The Powervision OSX operating system now provides for PC standard based networking, so the Powervision can now be placed, without any additional code, on your existing plant networks
  • The new replacement Powervision can extend the life of your existing automation and can be provided at a fraction of the cost of other replacement vision systems. This cost advantage is due to upgrading not replacing your existing Image Analyst software licenses and reusing custom RAIL (MacRAIL) application software.
  • Retraining costs as well as down time will also be minimized as the new Powervision will use the familiar Image Analyst user interface of the older Powervision.
  • Many systems upgrades are performed within a single day.
We provide customers with a quality solution to their machine vision needs with all required support to insure success of every project at the lowest possible cost.  Our goal is to build a long term customer relationship and become an integral part of your project team, with RPC providing machine vision expertise.